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I opened the Concierge app and asked for reservations at 7: No problem, reservations booked. Thanks Celine! On another Saturday night, I was a head-nod away from getting a group of five on the VIP list at a fancy club called Avenue. Concierge does have its limits. Concierge checked in with me about a flight I was booking to Belgrade, except I never tried to book a flight to Belgrade. I explained this, and they apologized for the misunderstanding.


To get the most out of Concierge, deep pockets come in handy. When you initiate the service, you can set up a profile that includes your credit card number so that you can be billed directly for plane trips, hotel stays, and event tickets booked via Concierge. Another Vertu app called Life offers a curated feed of events and attractions around the globe: Formula 1 races, theater, concerts, and private events with world-class chefs. Concierge was awesome. I miss it. Vertu Extraordinary. It has a very pleasant odor.

Strava's New Tool Builds Routes Based on Your Finger Swipes

All phones should feel as good in the hand as the Vertu Signature Touch. At least twice, my eyes rolled back into my head due to the overwhelmingly pleasant combination of the raised seam running down the back of the phone, the cool touch of the titanium edges, and the satisfyingly hefty 6.

This one makes a case for them beefing back up a bit. The best part is the way the heavier build feels with the stronger-than-most haptic feedback from its touchscreen.

What It's Like to Use a $10K Phone With a Real-Life Personal Assistant

So nice. Materials and build quality. The materials used in the Vertu Signature Touch are appropriately expensive: All of this accounts for some of its exorbitant price. Even its SIM-card holder has flourish: You fold out a little handle on the back of the phone, twist it, and pop open a swinging door. The one I tested was built by someone named C. Davis, and he or she did a good job. Luxe 'tones and speakers. When you turn the phone on, your ears are treated to a dope flute riff recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Every time you receive an incoming message, you hear another sick flute mini-jam mixed in with some bird noises. This phone has top-shelf 'tones, all recorded by the LSO. The front-firing speakers are also noticeably good, sounding much louder and brighter than most phone speakers. That said, the low-end has no punch.

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The next version should have a huge subwoofer or a man that follows you around with an machine. Blackphone-like security. If you really value your privacy, rest assured that the Signature Touch is able to keep your text messages and phone conversations but not your emails on lockdown. The Signature Touch comes with voice, video-chat, and text encryption powered by Silent Circle. Just keep in mind that the recipient of the messages must also be running the company's Silent Phone or Silent Text app to get the full end-to-end encryption. The Silent Circle features are only free for the first year, and you need to register your phone with them.

The screen.

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The size and resolution is wonderful in landscape mode when typing and watching movies. It felt a bit too skinny and long when I typed in portrait mode. Installing SwiftKey helped, just like it does on a normal phone. Up-to-date OS and features. The combination of all those things puts the Signature Touch among the current wave of high-end Android phones.

At this moment in time, any potential buyer will not be left wanting for speeds and feeds. You should get Android 9. A very good camera. Low-light performance is good for a phone—using HDR mode or adjusting its ISO settings manually helps—and the interface was developed in a partnership with Hasselblad. There are some scene modes in the mix, exposure-compensation settings, and white-balance adjustments, too. Is the camera good? Is it clearly better than the camera in other phones with good cameras? Bad battery life and no expandable storage.

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The 2, mAh battery got me about half a day when I used this phone like a normal phone. The back plate gets hot. When the battery was about halfway dead on my test unit, the area around its beautifully handcrafted SIM-card door heated up quite a bit. Not "Yow! Sizzling both in features and looks, these phones stand for both style and class. Here's over to 8 smartphones for the uber rich. Earlier this year, Vertu launched Signature Touch for Bentley. The smartphone is the result of automaker's five-year partnership with the luxury smartphone maker. Buyers get a choice of eight leather colors and 16 stitching options to customize the smartphone.

The smartphone bundles a Bentley app, which gives buyers access to exclusive content and events. There's 21MP rear camera and a 2. The smartphone's 5. Lamborghini 88 Tauri is a luxury smartphone from luxury car maker Lamborghini. The phone features premium materials like nine different colors of calfskin leather and black, silver and genuine gold-plate.

Vertu Mobile Phones: Latest & New Mobile Phones List 15th February

The smartphone's screen is said to be shatter-and scratch-proof. It is said to be the same glass as used in Lamborghini's own cars. On hardware front, the Android-powered smartphone features 20MP rear camera and 8MP shooter at the front. It runs on 2. As for hardware specifications, there's 4. Earlier this year, Israeli startup Sirin Labs launched one of the world's most expensive Android smartphones.


Called Solarin, the smartphone has been dubbed as the 'Rolls Royce of smartphones'. The company claims that Solarin is the world's 'most secure' Android smartphone. The smartphone promises military-grade encryption technology to protect users' calls and messages. Solarin runs on 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, comes with support for 24 bands of LTE, and promises "far superior" Wi-Fi connectivity than standard mobile phones.

The smartphone comes in four colour options: The solid gold bar smartphone is the latest addition to the company's Regal series. Regal Gold smartphone runs on 1. Bling lovers, Goldgenie has 24K Gold plated version of iPhone 6s. Called iPhone 6s Elite, the smartphone has a special engraving on the back that celebrates the Chinese Year of the Monkey.