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Shah also fits in a large number of short biographies of some of the most famous and important Sufis, such as Rumi and Ibn Arabi among many others. Finally he attempts to explain various esoteric aspects of the tradition and this is probably where the book becomes the most contentious. Chapters such as those on numerology and 'mystical etymologies' of various words used in Sufi poetry and the Qur'an, and so on, left me cold.

It all seems not only implausible but childish. But in general the content is good, though the chapters vary greatly in quality and seem to have little if anything to do with one another. With that in mind it serves its purpose as a general intro quite admirably, even if at times it stretches credulity or drags.

More or less recommended. One person found this helpful. For a lot of people, their first acquaintance with the Sufis came from this book. It practically was for me when I read the book in I must admit that I re-read the book a number of times, not just in search of spiritual nourishment but also as a great commentary on several features of Middle Eastern civilization and cross-cultural currents between the Muslim and Christian worlds.

After all this time, all the re-readings, and more than a little bit of time in the Middle East, I must admit to some misgivings about the book. First of all, the book seems not to be about the Sufis per se, but about Idries Shah's Sufis. What Shah fails to let us know is that there are literally millions of people that are members of Sufic orders, and they are far from being all mystics. Some of them are about as mystical as the Elks Club. At another end of the spectrum, some of them bear a marked resemblance to the Taliban. Most of the ones I have encountered tend to resemble Charismatic Christian groups more than anything else I can think of.

Secondly, on the one hand Mr. Shah tells us that Sufism is a movement, if you will, that stands outside of any one form of belief and has somehow managed to manifest itself all over the Eurasian world at least in some shape or form for millenia, and then he proceeds to describe its history in the Middle East, but in a way that almost seems divorced from Middle Eastern society. I believe that Sufism is an Islamic phenomenon, and if you wish to understand it, or participate in it, you need to at least familiarize yourself with the Qur'an and Islamic theology; if this is not to your liking, my advice is that you pursue some other form of mystical experience, because otherwise you are building your house on sand.

Cyber-Sufis: Robert Rozehnal: Books

It is all very useful to talk about pre-Islamic "Sufis", "Hidden Sufis", and about how the medieval Sufis reacted against scholasticism, but without an awareness of the world view in which they participated you can't tell what they were reacting against. And as for discussing the pervasiveness of Sufic symbolism in various Western institutions, this is very interesting and no doubt even true, but I do not see what relevance it has to a spiritual quest, outside of perhaps keeping the reader's attention long enough to go on to higher things.

So try "The Sufis" - regardless of anything else I might say, it is certainly an interesting read. But don't think that you'll know all about the Sufis when you're done with it. The question sufism is very complicated, in part because of the deceptions created by its proponents. Shah's misleading and over hyped work on the subject is a genuine bum steer, with a lot of oulala come on, carrot dangling and mystification. Promoting this subject as a booby trap to attract liberal westerners is not a nice thing to do.

Sufism Coupons And Discount Codes

Keep in mind this fellow had a secret arrangement of some kind with Gurdjieff, which should set the trust meter down ten pegs. The sufis most of whom are harmless 'mystics' are cruellest and most sadistic of the New Age prophets on the loss. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Hardcover Verified Purchase. The highlight of this book for me was the stories of present day saints the sheikh has encountered during his years of spiritual travel.

The stories are provided so that the disciple may know that these type of men still exist today and gives one a sense of aspiration to reach similar stations with their Lord. Also the emphasis the sheikh makes regarding the scrupulous adherence to sharia law when seeking such knowledge. Such an emphasis on Sharia law is a slap in the face to those who say there is no basis for Tassawuf in Orthodoxy Islam.

This is far from the truth. Tassawuf can only be practice when the sharia law is followed. Sheikh Nuh also provides Shaf'i Fiqh section in the book as well.

Fantastic book , and a must read for those who yearn for something more. Furthermore, as an American and graduate in philosophy, his English is impeccable and he speaks clearly with the breath of the traditional to those who are affected by the culture of modernity. This is probably the most moving book that I have read in a while. The book has an immense baraka in that it changed my state immediately and almost forced me to re-think my spiritual commitment. I can only imagine what type of baraka the actual company of these shuyookh will produce in one who sincerely spends time with them.

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To say the least, after I read the book, I immediately began working on giving up certain things and returning to Allah. It has affected my state and I can only attribute it to Shaykh's sincerety and the baraka of his tariqa. May Allah spread the blessings of Shaykh Nuh and Shadhili tariqi far and wide. If you want to learn about what tasawuf This book is nothing short of amazing.

If you want to learn about what tasawuf is, how to be a sufi, what to do to be a sufi, what to do after you become a sufi.. Although I am a Naqshabandi and not a Shadhili as the author, there is also much benefit in here for those who are already following a sufi tareqah. May Allah reward the writer and the reader. A compendium of Islamic prescriptions for everyday life.

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Presents the distillation from the traditional sunni path. If you are Seeking This book is a Secret One person found this helpful. This book is for someone who is seriously looking to move forward to the divine. Very detail oriented and strongly recommended. See all 22 reviews. Amazon Giveaway. Enter giveaways for a chance to win great prizes!

Amazon Sellers and Authors create new giveaways every day to promote their products. This item: A Manual of the Sufi Path. I have not much comment to make until I finish this book but it's a book you won't sit in front of the TV to multi task reading and watching. It's an exhilarating read so far. One must read with an open mind and be wowed. Unlike the Orientalists, who kwow nothing about Sufism though they pretend to know, Chittick's approach to Sufism can be considered as an Islamic approach to some extent.

He knows what Sufi thought is and he presents his works on Sufism according to the Islamic perspective. This book is a must read for everyone who wants to be intruoduced to the thought of Ibn-e-Arabi. Exluding the Holy Prophets of God and the Greatest Muslim Saints , who are much higher than Ibn-e-Arabi, Ibn-e-Arabi is probably one of the greatest minds human civilization has produced in the last 2 thousand years!! Ibn-e-Arabi is not easy to be understood.

Normaly, if you want to study Sufism, you need to be a student of a Muslim Sufi Master. Otherwise, you, with very rare exceptions, won't grasp the true meaning of Sufism. Chittick's book will introduce you to Ibn-e-Arabi but as I said above, if you want to dive into the depths of Ibn-e-Arabi's thought you will need a Muslim Sufi Master. So, I strongly advise you that when you read the works attributed to Ibn-e-Arabi, don't consider them to be "the Thought of Ibn-e-Arabi". Consider them "the Thought attributed to Ibn-e-Arabi".

That's because, some of the books attributed to Ibn-e-Arabi, contain heresies and blasphemys that are tottally against the Holy Quran, Islam's Holiest Book and the Source of all Islamic Knowledge. So, if you find anything in the works attributed to Ibn-e-Arabi that goes against the Holy Quran, then that was not written by Ibn-e-Arabi, and is a forgery made by an ignorant person. If you find anything in the works attributed to Ibn-e-Arabi that matches the Holy Quran, then that was indeed said by Ibn-e-Arabi and is true.

So you won't find any benefit in that book and it will confuse you. Ignorant people falsely consider this to be Pantheism, or Panentheism or Monism!!

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This does not deny the existence of the Cosmos and it's inhabitants like the humans. So do read the Holy Quran and understand It's meanings. There is a very good translation of the Holy Quran in English called "The Study Quran", which was translated under the supervision of Sayyed Hussein Nasr and is available here at Amazon. This Copy of the Holy Quran has a long and very usefull commentary that will make you familiar with the Holy Book. Salutations to all. See all 12 reviews. Amazon Giveaway. Enter giveaways for a chance to win great prizes! Amazon Sellers and Authors create new giveaways every day to promote their products.

Click below to create a giveaway for your product. This item: Ibn al-Arabi's Metaphysics of Imagination. Setup a giveaway Item eligible to be a Giveaway. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Journey to the Lord of Power: A Sufi Manual on Retreat.

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